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Cat Shampoo

Having trouble selecting shampoo for your cat? It is reasonable to end up confused on what shampoo to purchase. Since the cat’s fur is sensitive, at most caution is advised. One wrong move and it could lead to an allergic reaction or a total mess, and your cat could suffer the circumstances of erroneous choice.

Cat Shampoo

The best shampoo for cats is actually produced by themselves. Indeed, cats are capable of grooming themselves. Their teeth, nails, paws, tongues and saliva are their secret weapons to make themselves clean and well-groomed. Despite the natural resources that they can acquire, there are still some occasions that they would need human intervention.

Cat Shampoo

Using a human shampoo for your cat is not advisable. It may be labeled as gentle but still not gentle enough for cats. Chemicals found in human shampoo are detrimental to cats. So, purchase a shampoo made for your feline. Grooming your cat or giving them a cat bath requires shampoo designed to treat your cat’s needs. Many manufacturers are using botanicals and homeopathic oils to blend cleansing, deodorizing and medicated properties that are safe to animals. A point to remember is that cat shampoos containing artificial dyes, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, and petrochemicals are avoided. Always check the label.

Cleansing and Deodorizing Shampoos

When your cat needs a fresh scent, try a gentle deodorizing cleanser. It would be much better if the cleanser is made of botanicals and natural oils, with no dye. The gentler, the better. Avoid shampoo to trickle down on your pet’s eyes and nose to avoid irritation.

Dry Skin, Conditioning and Dandruff Treatment

Older cats may develop skin conditions that trigger excessive itching resulting to flaking and dry fur. Shampoos that contain natural oil such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera help nourish the skin and fur giving relief. If skin have open sores, contact veterinarian first before giving any remedy. A break in the skin may be caused by infection or other conditions.

Shampoo against excessive Shedding and Hairballs

If your cat moves around the house, walks and jumps everywhere while shedding its fur on furniture a lot then you may want to investigate and try shampoos that has this purpose. An 8 in1 cat shampoo is designed reduce shedding and hairball. Its content is detergent free and all natural.

Fleas, Mites and Tick Control

Fleas, mites and tick can be bothersome on your cat. An immediate action is needed to eradicate bloodsucking pests. It is advisable to visit the vet first before taking any course of action. Cat shampoos that are formulated to control pests are said to be stronger in formulation than ordinary cleansers. Pet shampoos that are made for this purpose are sold in the market but we don’t know it’s safe and effective.

Cat Shampoo

Waterless Shampoo

Pet grooming without the use of water bath is popular these days. The desired effect you want with a regular shampoo can be achieved with the use of waterless shampoo. Less hassle and no stress on the part of the owner and the pet. There are several waterless shampoos that have promising results. Check with your local store. Make sure it contains all natural ingredients, no dyes, no paraben, and should be

Grooming a cat is one of the basic responsibilities of pet owners. Meeting the needs of your cat gives a sense of fulfillment like parents to their kids. Choosing a shampoo that is most suitable for your cat is part of responsible pet grooming. Ask your local pet grooming services personnel for the type of shampoo they will use on pets if you will take your pet to a licensed pet groomer. Make pet grooming gentle so that your pet looks lovely, lively and happy.

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